High Impact Communication – Best Practices From a Hostage Negotiator

Tuesday 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Session Description

You’ve been asked to have some difficult conversations with VERY little training on how best to get your message across. As an FBI-Trained Hostage Negotiator for 20 years, Scott Harvey understands high stress communication. Effective communication is a skill that can be taught. In this presentation, Scott will give you actionable steps to improve your communication, even under stress, to help retain employees, build customer trust, and increase profits.


Scott Harvey

Scott Harvey spent 20 years as an FBI-trained Hostage Negotiator and Public Information Officer before retiring from law enforcement. He has communicated when lives were literally on the line, and he has done hundreds of on-camera news interviews and press releases. He was a police sergeant by title, but it was his ability to communicate that made him successful.

Fast forward to today. Scott has done over 500 paid presentations to hundreds of thousands of people. He uses what he learned over two decades in the high-risk communication world to help organizations improve their communication allowing them to retain the best employees, build sustainable customer relationships, and increase profits.

As a bonus, leveling up our communication doesn’t just help our career. It helps every aspect of our lives. Scott has been married for over 23 years and with a daughter in college, and one in high school, something ALWAYS needs negotiated at home as well!