How Spicy Do You Want It?

Monday 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Session Description

What we think and how we show up determines how transformational we can be. As Leaders we are constantly challenged with tough conversations, one area of growth we consistently see in leaders is the ability to talk straight. This talk explores what talk straight means, stories to inspire you and how to build habits to confidently talk straight. It’s time to leave behind the status quo and the safety of the crowd. This session is intended to disrupt your thinking and leaving you with a few new things to try on.

WARNING: Being a bit more spicy can have positive health effects. .


Nicole Bianchi

Nicole Bianchi is a founding partner at Bravium HD, where she is a professional speaker, facilitator and ICF executive coach leading leadership, team alignment and culture-building workshops. Before Bravium, she was a human resources and organizational development executive, leading transformation within Conagra Brands and Markel Insurance. She is the author of “Small Brave Moves” available for pre-order right now and being released by New Degree Press in April, 2021.

Her passion? Inspiring Bravery. Her focus? Enabling leaders to stretch into their bravest selves. She decided to write this book when she saw the common missing element in leaders was bravery, everyday bravery. Immediately she thought, how can I help?

Giving back to her community is important; Nicole and her family have partnered to bring the Butterfly Effect, a national movement to Papillion, NE. The Social Butterfly Installations are an art project mural designed to promote positive community change.