Creating a Culture of Feedback

Monday 3:15 – 4:15 PM

Session Description

Feedback is a gift. I’ve been told that most of my career and truly believe it. I also believe that ingraining feedback, both giving and receiving, into an organization’s culture can be more impactful than many other concepts and processes. So, if it is so great, why are more organizations not practicing a culture of feedback? Easy answer, feedback is hard! Giving and receiving; positive and constructive. In this session, we will look at the root of feedback, how to deliver and receive it effectively, and how to begin to create a culture of feedback within your organization.


Kristi Spaethe

Kristi Spaethe is President and Principal Consultant of The People Perspective, LLC, an HR Consulting firm helping organizations realize their Best Practices in Human Resources. With 15 years’ experience in “all things HR”, Kristi’s past experience includes companies such as QuikTrip, Solvay, NORDAM and SBS Industries.

Kristi earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a Human Resources Development option and also holds the PHR and SHRM-CP certifications.

Kristi is the current OKHR State Direct-Elect for the Oklahoma Human Resources State Council where she has served in prior various roles beginning in 2018.