Promises Made & Kept: Change and the Psychological Contract At Work

Tuesday 12:45 – 1:45 PM

Session Description

Maintaining the psychological contract plays a vital role in the success or failure of organizational changes and shifts. In this presentation we will discuss the concept of the psychological contract at work and explore the (often forgotten and misunderstood) exchange relationship that has a myriad of impacts from both the employee and employer viewpoints. This interactive and research-based presentation will explore the hidden costs of distrust, mistrust, and inaction by companies and the many benefits to providing a clear and convincing change communication plan for employees.


Chas Fields

As a human capital management (HCM) strategy consultant for UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group), Chas Fields helps organizations identify, assess, and maintain their human element, which increases efficiency and effectiveness cultivating a differentiated employee experience, and ultimately drives business success.
Fields joined Kronos, Inc. in 2017 with a diverse background in HCM initiatives such as training and development, change management, operations, strategic planning, and project delivery.