Adjust Your Voice, I Can’t Hear You!

Tuesday 3:15 – 4:15 PM

Session Description

Many leaders aspire to inspire and empower their teams to live the company’s vision, produce results and attain workplace goals. Those that succeed at it; are the leaders who’ve mastered the art of adjusting their voices to the tunes of inspiration, motivation, and empowerment.

During this engaging, stimulating, and thought-provoking presentation, participants will be equipped and empowered to,

  • Identify and analyze the communication barriers restricting their ability to lead teams and drive positive results.
  • Uncover and tap into the power of their sound to effectively inspire, motivate, connect and negotiate.
  • Discover the role emotional intelligence plays in leadership communication


Andre Kelly

After struggling for many years with a speech impediment, battling depression, facing poverty, being labeled as at-risk youth, and almost losing his voice, Andre is doing everything that people said he would never do.

On January 16, 2016, Andre became the CEO & Founder of Public Speaking Authority with plans to spread his message of personal and professional empowerment globally. He is a certified professional speaker, corporate trainer, and coach, having presented over three hundred motivational talks on platforms all across the world. His career path has afforded him the opportunities to work in the banking, aviation, hospitality, and events management sectors within The Bahamas.

It is his goal to inspire people everywhere to LIVE OUT LOUD beyond unfortunate past circumstances, challenges, and limiting beliefs.